The group


Peter Kasson (Associate Professor)

Cara Broshkevitch (grad student)  simulations of membrane organization and viral infection

George Cortina (grad student)  drug-resistant bacteria

Isabel Goronzy (undergrad; joint with Steven Boxer)  experimental physical chemistry of viral entry

Jennifer Hays (grad student)  flexible ligand recognition; simulations with sparse experimental data 

Eric Irrgang (postdoctoral fellow) simulation software methods

Robert Rawle (postdoctoral fellow) experimental physical chemistry of viral entry

Ana Villamil Giraldo (postdoctoral fellow) enveloped viral entry

Kenta Okamoto (postdoctoral fellow) enveloped viral entry

Ricardo Ferreira (postdoctoral fellow) bacterial drug resistance

Katarzyna Zawada (research specialist)  biophysical experiments on membrane composition and influenza entry

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Marta Domanska (now PRA Health Sciences)

Matt Eckler (now IBM)

Marta Jeleń (visiting graduate student)

Per Larsson (now assistant professor, Uppsala University)

Malgorzata Latallo (now PhD student, Johns Hopkins University)

Sander Pronk (now researcher/developer, Oxford Asset Management)

Rich Salaway (now Data Scientist, IST Research)

Dominik Wrona (now PhD Student, University of Zurich)