The group


Peter Kassonringleader.

Peter obtained his initial scientific training with Harden McConnell.  He then worked with Axel Brunger, completing his PhD/MD in Stanford’s MSTP program.  After a postdoctoral fellowship with Vijay Pande, he started his independent group at the University of Virginia in 2010.

Usi Adia-Nimuwa

Usi has recently joined the lab as a Biomedical Engineering PhD student, with an interest in machine learning and bacterial drug resistance.  We’re happy to have him!

Marcos Cervantes

Marcos has recently joined the lab as a Biomedical Engineering PhD student with an interest in viral entry and optical imaging.  We’re happy to have him!

Ricardo FerreiraSimulations of antibiotic uptake by gram-negative bacteria

Ricardo completed his PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Lisbon in 2017.  He joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher seeking to understand how antibiotics enter gram-negative bacteria and to use this understanding to combat antimicrobial resistance.

Ana Villamil GiraldoMembrane requirements of influenza viral fusion

Ana completed her PhD at the University of Buenos Aires, where she worked on measuring protein-membrane interactions and the stability of membrane proteins.  After postdoctoral training at the University of Montréal and Linköping University, she joined the group as a senior research scientist.

Eric IrrgangBuilding interfaces for flexible and extensible molecular dynamics simulation

Eric completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas, Austin and his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering with Sharon Glotzer at the University of Michigan before joining the group as a postdoctoral fellow.  Eric believes strongly in proper software engineering design and flexible simulation interfaces but keeps a soft spot in his heart for Monte Carlo methods.  Eric is a former MolSSI Software Fellow and now a research scientist in the group.

Giorgio Morbiolimicrofluidic approaches to single-virus fusion

Giorgio completed his PhD at Georgia Tech in 2020 and joined our group shortly after.  He brings expertise in microfluidic design to our single-virus fusion experiments.

Anjali SengarSingle-virus fusion kinetics

Anjali completed her PhD in Physics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, working on DNA quadruplexes via NMR spectroscopy and single-molecule FRET microscopy.  She joined the group in April and first studied the process of antibiotic uptake and drug resistance in gram-negative bacteria.  More recently, Anjali has turned to single-virus fusion experiments.

Alžběta Türková – Simulations of influenza membrane fusion

Alžběta will join the group in January 2021 after she completes her PhD at the University of Vienna.  We’re looking forward to having her on the team!

Emily BolandEnsemble refinement using spectroscopic data

Emily is a Biomedical Engineering undergraduate student. She is studying new methods to refine multi-structured proteins using spectroscopic data.

Caroline Davis – Simulations of viral glycoproteins

Caroline is a Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate student. She is studying the conformational equilibria of viral spike glycoproteins and their functional consequences.

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Recent lab alumni:

Jennifer Hays, PhD 2019. Simulation-guided spectroscopy and flexible molecular recognition

Jennifer trained as a physicist, completing her undergraduate degree at William and Mary, before joining the group as a graduate student.  She uses molecular dynamics simulations to both guide and incorporate spectroscopic measurements to understand flexible conformational ensembles.  Jennifer has previously received Blue Waters and ARCS graduate fellowships and is now supported by a MolSSI Software Fellowship.

Ania Pabis – postdoctoral scholar 2018-2020. Simulations of influenza membrane fusion

Ania completed her PhD in Chemistry at Lodz University of Technology, Poland.  She subsequently received a Wenner-Gren postdoctoral fellowship working on bio-organic chemistry of enzymatic catalysis with Lynn Kamerlin.  Ania joined the group in May 2018 and brought her computational chemistry skills to the study of influenza membrane fusion mechanisms.

Sourav Haldar – postdoctoral scholar 2019-2020. Experiments on influenza fusion mechanism

Sourav completed his PhD at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad and a postdoctoral fellowship at the NIH with Joshua Zimmerberg before joining our group.  Sourav is now an assistant professor at Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management.

Kenta Okamoto, postdoctoral scholar 2017-2018.  Influenza virus-cell interactions.  Now an independent PI at Uppsala University.

Isabel Goronzy, BS 2018 (joint with Steven Boxer).  Experimental physical chemistry of viral entry.  Now an MSTP student at Caltech.

Cara Broshkevitch, BS 2017, MS 2018.  Multiscale modeling of influenza binding.  Now a research programmer at the University of Washington (Global Health).

George Cortina, PhD 2017.  Antibiotic resistance in gram-negative bacteria.  After completing his MD/PhD, George is now a resident physician at Duke.

Robert Rawle, postdoctoral fellow 2014-2017.  Experimental physical chemistry of viral entry.  Now an assistant professor at Williams.

Katarzyna Zawada, research specialist 2015-2017.  Biophysical experiments on membrane composition and influenza entry.  

Malgorzata Latallo, MS student, 2014-2016.  Structures and kinetics of beta-lactamase enzymes with increased drug resistance.  Currently a PhD student at Johns Hopkins.

Per Larsson, postdoctoral fellow 2011-2014.  Simulations of viral fusion peptides.  Now a tenure-track assistant professor at Uppsala University.

Marta Domanska, postdoctoral fellow 2011-2014.  Influenza viral fusion.  Now a drug safety researcher at PRA Health Sciences.

Matt Eckler, master’s student 2013-2015, now at IBM.

Marta Jeleń, visiting graduate student 2016-2017.

Sander Pronk, postdoctoral fellow joint with Erik Lindahl 2010-2013, now researcher/developer, Oxford Asset Management.

Rich Salaway, postdoctoral fellow 2014-2015, currently Data Scientist, IST Research.

Dominik Wrona, visiting graduate student 2012-2013, now PhD Student, University of Zurich.