What we do

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The Kasson laboratory studies physical mechanism in infectious disease.  Our interests include infection by influenza, SARS-CoV-2, and other enveloped viruses as well as drug-resistant bacteria.  We are also interested in the fundamental physics by which viruses infect cells, how the immune system can block infection, and how these materials and processes can be adapted for therapeutic purposes.

We combine biophysical experiments with advanced simulation methods and machine learning.  Part of our research therefore involves methods development for large-scale biomolecular simulation and statistical learning methods.

Global diseases, global solutions.  Emerging infections pose a threat across the world.  To combat this, we have a strong international network of scientific colleagues all working to fight infectious disease.  We have also helped to build participatory networks such as Folding@Home.  Our group is composed of diverse international scientists working to solve global problems.

Want to join us?  We recruit postdocs based in either Uppsala, Sweden or the University of Virginia.  We also welcome PhD students and undergraduates affiliated with training programs at those respective universities.  Postdoctoral openings posted here.


We are excited and grateful to NIGMS for their support!  The Kasson group has received another R01 grant for study of heterogeneous conformational ensembles!

Welcome to Toby Hess, who has joined us as a PhD student, and Steinar Mannsverk, who will join in January 2022!

Welcome to Satyan Sharma, who has joined our group as a postdoctoral researcher, and to Alzbeta Türkova, who has joined as a postdoc on a Wenner-Gren fellowship!

Peter Kasson was named a 2021 Pinn Scholar.  We are grateful for the recognition of work from our group and excited about the future!

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Emily Boland and alumna Jennifer Hays on their recent paper in JPC Letters!
Emily also gave a great platform presentation on this paper at the 2021 Biophysical Society National meeting.

Welcome to Jamel Simpson and Oyin Adenekan, who have joined our group as PhD students!

Welcome to Oyin Adenekan and Emily Byrd, who are rotating with our group, and to Marcos Cervantes, who has joined the lab as a PhD student!

Welcome to Jamel Simpson, who is rotating with our group, and to Sai Bondalapati, who has joined as a research specialist!

Recent media coverage can now be found on our media page.

Congratulations to Giorgio Morbioli, who has defended his PhD at Georgia Tech and will be joining our lab as a postdoctoral researcher!

Welcome to Caroline Davis, who has joined the lab as an undergraduate researcher!

Welcome to Usi Adia-Nimuwa, who has joined the lab as a PhD student!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hays on defending her PhD thesis!

Some recent media coverage:  Vetenskapradion (in Swedish), and a longer documentary video on infectious disease research (in English).

Welcome to Emily Boland, who joined the group as an undergraduate researcher!

Welcome to Kasey Freshwater, who is joining our group as a summer undergraduate research student for 2019!

Welcome to Sourav Haldar, who will be joining our group in May 2019!

Congratulations to Ana Villamil Giraldo, Ania Pabis, Anjali Sengar, and Jennifer Hays on presenting their work at the 2019 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hays, who was named a 2018 MolSSI graduate Software Fellow!

Welcome to new postdoctoral scholars Anjali Sengar and Anna Pabis, who will be joining our group this spring!

Congratulations to Bert Cortina on defending his PhD thesis!

Congratulations to Eric Irrgang, who has just been named a MolSSI Postdoctoral fellow!

Welcome to new postdoctoral scholars Kenta Okamoto, Ana Villamil Giraldo, and Ricardo Ferreira!

Congratulations to Jennifer Hays, who was named a 2017 Blue Waters Graduate fellow and an ARCS Scholar!

Congratulations to Bert Cortina, who was named a Ruth Kirschstein NRSA Predoctoral Fellow!